I’m in love with micellar water

Water_MICELLAR-Water-Sensitive-200ml-Pack-ShotI wrote about this in January, because I discovered that Micellar Water is the best thing I never knew I needed. A reader came up to me at an event and told me that I changed her life with this article. She was not joking. I understood.

A local boutique beauty line that makes and sells a micellar water product called to thank me. I featured them in the piece and the manager said that she thought she was being pranked when various people walked in asking for the relatively obscure item from their shop. Finally, she asked one customer, “What’s going on?”

Micellar water kind of sounds like every other beauty product on the market. Vaguely scientific and dubious.

But hope springs eternal in the vanity quest. I’m not prone to believing the hype about any particular product, but micelles and a lovely French scientist changed my mind.

I’m a believer. I’m worse. I’m a proselytizer.

Water_bidemaIt helps that the science behind them is actually quite simple and the results are damn near instant. Not like those products with claims that you’ll see results of 30 percent less whatever in six weeks according to 80 percent of their sample. Micelles work immediately.

You’ll have to read the full article. Either click the image below to enlarge or click the link to get the lowdown: Water with micelles the latest beauty craze.

But I’ll tell you this, I’ve got pretty good skin. Minimal blemishes and low acne, but I get the persistent monthly breakouts and nose pore clogs. The micellar water has not completely  eliminated my problem areas (it’s not magic) but it’s come pretty ding darn close (it works).

Only real drawback is that you’ll need a lot of cotton pads for it to work optimally, but that’s a relatively small price to pay.



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