Bridal bubbles, budgets and backs


As serene and lovely as this looks, it’s devastatingly cold. That’s snow and the lake water is FREEZING. She couldn’t feel her feet.

Every year it was a challenge to feature a pretty girl in a white dress and tell a different story.

Some years worked better than others, but one of my favorite issues included our bride in a bubble because it was great imagery for the metaphorical bubble of bride brain that can be all consuming.

When asked to pitch ideas, we includes brides getting inked in tattoo chairs (as a representation of “something new”), brides on cliffs (as a representation of how precarious life can be), brides loaded with receipts (because costs add up quick) and brides chowing down on pasta (because you need your carbs).

I’ll actually  miss the annual bridal edition, but … not carrying around those dresses. They weigh a ton!Bridal2010_2-page-001


The covers below represent most of the last 10 years.

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