The struggling business of fashion retail

Outlets2017-page1Now that I’m a “business reporter” people seem to take what I write a lot more seriously. No matter how many times, I’d politely explain that fashion is a business people mostly smiled and asked me for information on what they should be wearing. But suddenly, I include a few numbers into a story and I’m a business reporter.

See the proof at right, my first business centerpiece as a newly anointed business reporter.

It’s a fun trick.

Seriously, I will miss being introduced as a fashion editor. It has a certain cache. Even though day-to-day, I was just slogging through the pressure of writing, making calls, researching, getting photos, setting up photo shoots and all the other unglamorous tasks of being a reporter, “fashion editor” always sounds like this sparkly thing.

“Business reporter” doesn’t have the same ring, but I am already celebrating that I’ll never have to write another story about the color of the year or what it means ever, ever again! Ditto with critiquing the Oscars red carpet. From now one my fashion critiques will be reserved for my friends on social media.

Read the features on single pages here:

Chesterfield outlet filling vacancy with local retail pop-ups

Alton Mall to lose a giant appendage and gain a movie theater


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