Fashionable foodie

food5I’m an unabashedly obnoxious #foodporn iPhone-ographer. If taking photographs of your food is wrong, I just don’t want to do right and finally (!!!) my obsession was vindicated. Most of the photos associated with this story have my name on the photo credits.

I have the official title of “Fashion editor” but I’m really just a reporter with a beat that makes me slightly more popular at cocktail parties. My favorite stories are actually about pop culture, business, body image and the psychology of marketing goods and services.

After one too many food stories on the best burgers, barbecue or meat fest, I proposed a story on food that’s arguably better for you and the environment and all that hippie stuff.

food1I initially started posting photos of my vegan food choices because people kept teasing me after eating bunny food or what they thought of as unsatisfying or unappetizing. I just wanted to passive aggressively throw it up in their faces that what I ate wasn’t a “restriction” but actually a delicious, intelligent decision.

food2I’m not a vegan, by the way and I only say that because I don’t want to misrepresent myself as more pious than I am. I eat mostly vegan meals, but I often eat vegetarian (meaning I’ll opt for cheese or eggs or ice cream). And very occasionally, I’ll get the salmon or mussels, but that’s not my go-to option, it all just depends. Anyway…

I wanted to show that vegetarian/vegan options run the gamut from austere to comfort, including charred Brussels sprouts, tater tots, spicy barbecue pizza and a host of bean, mushroom and sweet potato burgers well worth choosing as a first option not an alternative.

Read the full story here: 10 restaurants that serve health-focused, satisfying food.  And keep up with my eating habits via Instagram @debrabass.


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