Benefits of cold weather exercise

This is a do as I say not as I do sort of article. Maybe I wrote it to convince myself to go out into the cold more. I’ll be honest, it hasn’t worked. But I am in New York for fashion week and I have been walking even though the Uber app and an unlimited Metro card are within hands distance. I love walking, but not when my eyeballs freeze and start to congeal and leak torture tears. So I think 22 to 29 degrees is my danger zone. And below that forget about it. But above 30 degrees, there’s no excuse.

For all the reasons I detail in the article, working out in the cold is just good sense, even when the fire inside is so delightful. It’ll be even better coming home and getting cozy after you’ve burned some extra calories, enjoyed some rays from the sun and inoculated yourself against the winter blues.

Click below or read the full story here: Hot Tips for Cold Weather Workouts



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