Halloween balances creative effort and offensiveness

Models don costumes on Friday, Oct. 3, 2015, for 2015 Halloween fashion for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Lifestyle section. Photo by Christian Gooden, cgooden@post-dispatch.com

Hillary Clinton mask helps bring this simple Halloween costume of resale shop finds to life for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Lifestyle section. Photo by Christian Gooden

There will be wide array of offensive Halloween costumes this year. It doesn’t help that it will be a party night (Saturday) and there is plenty to choose from (politics, Caitlyn Jenner, Kim Davis). So in selecting a few of this year’s Halloween costume trends, I focused on easy.

Most people don’t spend months thinking about a costume. They think of it a week or two before and then again a few days before and scramble to concoct something that doesn’t look like they just threw it together. Political candidates are low-hanging fruit, so I had to include the two most ripe for satire. I picked up on a pair of St. Louis costumes that only local could fully appreciate: an injured Cardinal (because they were plagued with injuries this season) and a Rams player with a moving box (because the owner wants to relocate the team to California).

The most dubious costume is the two main character of “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Yes, the girl is blindfolded with a dog collar, but she’s in a nice dress. I actually braced for a reaction for someone, anyone, but almost everyone shrugged until it was rerun in a small newspaper in Georgia and I got an irate email from an offended reader. I didn’t bother to defend the image, but the series of books has sold more than 125 million copies worldwide, so seeing the characters isn’t as shocking as how many grandmothers and granddaughters both read that book. In the spirit of full disclosure: I didn’t, but not because of the subject matter (I thought the writing was atrocious, but what do I know).

Read the full story with images, purchase information and more ideas: Low Effort, Big Impact.

Halloween_crop1 Halloween_crop2


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