Fashion favors the persistent

MoFashion_cropThis is one of the rare front page fashion stories. It was a last-minute addition to the front page budget, so we had to scramble for photos and I was very surprised to find that a photo I snapped took up residence on the jump page (the page where the article continued). The interesting thing about this piece is that follows a very twisty history of contention between the city’s two rival fashion groups. I’m using the term rival, but the two groups seem to be abiding by an unspoken treaty agreement.

St. Louis Fashion Week came first and then Missouri Style Week emerged (although they were initially called Missouri Fashion Week). There was an unpleasant legal battle and every time I wrote or write something about it, I get responses from both factions telling me that I’m biased and favoring the other. I’m serious about that. The article below plays with language, but it’s a very accurate description of this feud and what has transpired. No one complained about a single fact. They complained that it wasn’t flattering enough in one way or another. I took all the complaints to my boss and she said that we needed a rule like one they used on the sports page, you can’t complain until after a 24-hour cooling off period.

I haven’t tried that, but it would be interesting.

I’m admit, the lede (opening paragraph) was written to catch reader’s attention and explain that fashion isn’t just fun and game, it’s serious business: “The enterprising Missouri Style Week venture that was widely criticized, legally challenged, deemed redundant at best and laughable at worst is hosting its third season of runway shows this week. By all appearances, it is thriving.”



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