Coming of age and going back-to-school shopping

Back to school fashion 2015 photographed at the Downtown Children's Center in St. Louis on Friday, July 24, 2015. Photo By David Carson,

Back to school fashion 2015 photo by David Carson, Post-Dispatch.

It’s always difficult to come up with new ways to shoot and discuss the fashion spreads we do every year. Back-to-school is not my favorite because it’s just so wide open. Do you pick elementary, high school or college kids? Those are very different demographics and very different clothing styles.

This year, we had to schedule the shoot in a hurry and I thought of the phrase, “they grow up so fast.” That’s the frequent lament of parents (I’m not one) and so I thought it would be fun to show kids who are on the cusp of adult sized clothing. This can happen anywhere from preteen to late teens and the goal is still to look like a kid but with some youthful fun.

We got lucky on the location too and shot our “big kids” at the very colorful Downtown Children’s Center preschool in St. Louis.

“Clothing remains the top budget item for back-to-school shopping according to surveys, even though parents are expected to spend less in 2015 than last year.

Families can ask kids to use last year’s electronics, but growth spurts can’t be ignored.

One minute you’re hoisting a kid up to reach the sink and the next he’s patting you on the head. It’s even more disconcerting as parents shift from the children’s department to the adult section for sprouting pre-teens and teens.

The National Retail Federation predicts parents with K-12 kids will spend an average of $630 on electronics, apparel and other school needs. That’s down $40 from the previous year.

Of that, the majority is expected to go to apparel ($218) and shoes ($118).”

See the full gallery of images here: Back to school means back to shopping

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