Our tribute to a fiercely feminine spring

A model with Galapagos tortoises on Wednesday, April 1, 2015 at the St. Louis Zoo. Photo by Huy Mach, hmach@post-dispatch.com

Model with Galapagos tortoises at the St. Louis Zoo. Photo by Huy Mach.

There’s been a surge in fashion that is unabashedly feminine without being cutesy or demure. That’s an interesting juxtaposition. Women looking to be taken seriously don’t have embrace masculine styles unless they want to and even then it’s OK to marry them with florals.

This was the first fashion shoot we did at the St. Louis Zoo and though we got a little flack over the cover shot of our model in the sea lion tunnel (apparently some thought her crouch was a little too prominent… oops). Either way, I’m happy we got to play with the boa constrictors and elephants. Apologies to the giant turtles who didn’t make the print edition.

Check out a slideshow of all the images here: Spring Fashion Roars at Zoo.

SpringZoo1_crop SpringZoo2015_2-page-001


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