I promise, I won’t let this go to my head



My blog is now multi-award winning and I know that it’s got everything to do with multimedia (thanks to the editors who coerced me into doing more videos). I inconceivably beat out The Wall Street Journal’s Speakeasy blog to win Best Entertainment Blog among news sites in the division of 1 million unique monthly visitors or more. To say that I am shocked is to say Bradley Cooper is mildly attractive. The Wall Street Journal’s blog covers media, celebrity, entertainment and the arts. It has a squadron of literally a dozen editors and reporters (seriously, there are 12 people) who post, write and edit. And it’s really very good. It’s The Wall Street Journal for crying out loud.

I’ll be getting one of these bad boys with my name and category engraved in it.

To be clear, my blog, is me writing mostly about fashion, events and occasionally iPhone apps. If I’m really lucky, someone in the newsroom will read it and catch a misspelled word or broken link before a reader leaves a comment calling me an idiot.

It’s really overwhelming to know that a jury of 78 peers (all strangers as far as I can tell from looking at the names) selected the winners. The great thing is that blogging isn’t  just quantity. Quality and effort matter too.

I like to take a little extra time on individual posts instead of just writing constantly with little impact. I feel so justified in taking a little more effort into composing something or editing a video or putting links into a photo gallery or rearranging something that looked just fine but not great. I’m so so so glad that all those little tweaks that seem like a waste of time because “it’s just a blog post” don’t go unappreciated.

Here’s what they wrote in the announcement of finalists:

After several weeks of in-depth and thorough judging, the E&P team, along with a prestigious panel of 78 judges, has voted and selected the 2014 EPPY Award finalists. This year’s EPPY Awards saw more than 400 entries competing in 33 diverse categories. Now in its 19th year, this international contest honors the best media-affiliated websites.

Each EPPY entry is judged on its own merits within a particular category. Finalists must receive a score in the top one-third of the average score across all categories within their division (1 million and over unique monthly visitors and under 1 million unique monthly visitors). As a result, there may be no winner in categories not reaching this threshold.

And if you’re keeping track this is my second award this year, after a lovely surprise from the Society of Features Journalism. That means the pressure is on for 2015.





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