When skies turn gray, your wardrobe shouldn’t

Fall Fashion - Outerwear you keep on all dayI don’t really think many people look good in gray. It’s an odd hue that doesn’t compliment many skin tones, but it’s comforting. There’s something anonymous and cozy about gray. It immediately reads as mature and appropriate. I think it’s mostly boring. Except for a slim fit gray men’s suit paired with a crisp, white shirt those are awesome. And, yes, gray can be done well for women too. I don’t mind a gray cashmere sweater, but it’s rarely done well. I think people hide in gray. It’s secure and unassuming.

But I don’t like to hide in plain site. If you see me, I want you to notice me. And that’s what I love about color, it just makes life more interesting. Fall is my favorite season, because nature puts on a show. There is something awe-inspiring about the soft rain of jewel-toned leaves crunching underfoot as you walk along the still green grass. The sky is more still, less cloudy and the stark contrasts are more captivating.

People should take note, to be well dressed in fall means you have to compete with the foliage.

Read the full story here: Dramatic fall color steps into the spotlight. We did the shoot in the Scottish Rite Cathedral and we had the run of the place. It was phenomenal to go up into the rafters and take over the huge dressing room area. I love what the photographers did with the lighting and the scene-setting. The lead photographer was the extremely thoughtful and artistic Huy Mach with an assist from who shot this moody documentary-style behind-the-scenes video.

Fall2014_1 Fall2014_2


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