7 ways to spice up cold weather clothes

I was wearing Fashion Editor black yesterday and everyone noticed. People tend to think of me as a pretty colorful dresser but most of my clothes are black (no so unusual for anyone who likes fashion or likes clothes). It’s easier for black to look more expensive than colored clothing. Black camouflages a lot and it doesn’t get so dirty. Black is both daring and safe. But a little color can go a long way, so I offered up 7 subtle (and not-so-subtle) ways for people to get the benefit of color without going out on a limb.

One thoughtful, annoyed, reader called to complain about the Fratelli Rossetti shoes. Yes, they are expensive and yes, they won’t be available for purchase until spring, but aren’t they cute. And guess what, they have great colored shoes for fall too! Also expensive. Click through the gallery of images with website information here: 7 colorful additions to cold weather clothes or click the images below until they are the right size for your reading pleasure.

7FallThings_1 7FallThings_2


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