Tribal is the new neutral

fashion-recap-valentino-ss-2014-rtw-2I didn’t plan for this to run on the Fourth of July, but I wish I had. I didn’t panic and resort to some compilation of red, white and blue.

I didn’t even have to rewrite any of the copy to make it fit with the holiday. But I did add the subhed (the line right under the headline): “What’s more American than multicultural prints?” And sometimes I don’t give the Midwest enough credit. Over the years we’ve gotten horrible reader responses for bizarre reasons: interracial couples, overweight models, too many people of color in a fashion spread.

But oddly enough, not even a blink about tribal-influenced Independence Day fashion. Progress … or maybe everyone was on vacation out-of-town.

See the full story, Tribal is the new neutral, on a single page with a slide show of the variety of apparel and accessories available even from the esteemed house of Valentino. I love that it’s not just being used as a “pop of color” but instead as the main fabric in the item and instead of people thinking, it’s too loud, they are envious.

If a pallet of orange, red, yellow, blue and green doesn’t make you happy, seek help.




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