#STLStreetStyle video series


That’s me trying to be professional dealing with this mischievous lady.

There’s a joke around every office that you should always look busy. Well, I must have failed miserably. I was asked to start shooting two video series. One for me and one for our food writer. The feature for our food writer is on basic food preparations, but we try to have a sense of humor about it.

The one for me took a little more time to refine. I kicked around a couple of ideas and landed on this street style video concept. The concept is done extremely well by the New York Times (I’m glad I hadn’t seen this before I started, I would have been really intimidated). The NYTimes has a team that makes it look really easy and includes great music, sound recording and fab cinematography.

I’ll never be able to take photos to rival the greats in that format, but thank goodness there’s something more forgiving about video and the medium really appeals to me. I love that it gives you license to stare at total strangers without the fear that they’ll catch you doing it.

For the first round of videos, I’ve largely been calling on friends and acquaintances to start experimenting and so far, people seem to like them. I even got a band to offer up some original music for one video after we accidentally interrupted their rehearsal in the park.

Here’s a teaser of one of my favorites so far: Tammie Holland. She showed up wearing a gold trench and white jeans in the middle of summer. Then she said, “wait a minute, let me take off the pants.” Tammie likes to live out loud, if you get my drift.


Check out the full video archive of my #STLStreetStyle video series by clicking the link or head to my YouTube channel here.


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