Don’t fear the bra size, fear bad bras!

I wrote this because I was trying to figure out why so many women were wearing the wrong bra size.

bra2We’ve all heard it for years: a ridiculous amount of that population that something was designed to help can’t figure out how to use it properly. It didn’t seem possible but I had the very sobering experience of walking in to talk to a local lingerie expert who took one look at me and said I was in the wrong bra.

What?!? That can’t be, it feels fine. Uh-huh, was all she said as she shoved me into a dressing room and told me to get undressed. No, really, I insisted, I’m just here to talk. She gave me a look that reminded me of my mother when I sassed her and you know what, I shut up and started unbuttoning my top. She came in with what I thought was a ridiculous bra size, 32F. I laughed. I’m not an F!

Secretly, I wanted my breasts to be large enough, but not TOO LARGE. Let’s be honest, everyone knows that starting at DD, you’re getting into porn star territory. We don’t say that, but we think it. However, the size is just a size, not a career suggestion!

I hadn’t thought all that out yet, so I took the 32F and tried it on, shaking my head the entire time. I thought it was silly. But it fit!

It fit well.

And miraculously, my breasts did not suddenly appear bigger. The size hadn’t changed in the last 30 seconds. But suddenly, I understood what support was all about and why we were these contraptions in the first place.

When I put my shirt back on with the new bra, I looked better. No doubt about it.

Bra4In fact, I looked a little slimmer and if might have been the fact that a proper fit bra does encourage you to stand a bit taller.

And at the time, I was wearing the best fitting bra of my life (no exaggeration). For years, I had been buying 34D and occasionally a 36D. They seemed fine, but after the angels sang when I looked in the mirror wearing my proper size, I couldn’t believe I’d been so wrong for so long. The most important thing she told me to do was to press the bra in the middle of your breasts.

If you feel a trampoline, you’re wearing the wrong size. Period.

It should lie completely flat against your breast bone. Why? Because that’s the support. The band supports your breasts, not the straps. So if the band isn’t tight enough (and yes, it should feel snug), everything else is out of whack. Double click below to enlarge the printed article with more tips on bra dos don’t and don’t be afraids … or read the full story on a single web page here at Don’t Fear the Bra Size…



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