Modern Modest Brides

The monumental trend of give-me-strapless-or-give-me-death bridal dresses is gradually making room for some gorgeous gowns with a little more fabric and lot more impact. I’m sure Duchess Kate Middleton helped nudge this along. We should send her a thank-you note. Often the most flattering look is not the most revealing, no matter what the bride’s size. For this shoot, I selected model’s who were more full-figured than the typical model for a few reasons.

First and foremost, I love fuller figures in slightly vintage silhouettes and second, these girls look gorgeous in a wedding dress. Do I need another reason. I regret the smiley photo in the phone booth, but I loved the spread.

2014Bridal_1crop2014Bridal_2cropBridal2014_3 2014Bridal_credits

Bridal issue-


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