My 99-cent miracle beauty product

This is one of those surprisingly popular columns that has appeared in dozens of newspapers, including The Wichita Eagle (Kansas City, Kan.), “Baking soda now part of daily facial regimen“; The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia), “Ultimate Beauty Tool: The $2 wonder drug“; The News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.), “Facing soda: Beauty regime includes 99-cent wonder drug” … and my favorite headline variation from the Hamilton Spectator (Ontario, Canada), “Baking soda changed my life.”

I’ve gotten more emails and calls from this column than anything I’ve done in the past year. People love an economical product that works. That’s not surprising, but I’ve been tickled that so many have been inspired to share their tips and tricks for using other common household items in unique ways. The most interesting tip came from a man who read the story in Kansas. He uses dried milk for exfoliation and moisturizing because the composition is very close, if not identical to the pH of skin (or so his mother told him). I haven’t tried that one yet, but I will … maybe.

One miracle drug at a time.

To read this article on a single page, click here: “My $5,000 beauty regimen includes a 99-cent wonder drug” and you’ll also find a link with tips on other uses for baking soda.



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