Maternity clothing now means pregnancy and beyond


Maternity FashionsThis location was a stroke of genius.

We went to a recently opened French-style bakery shop full of delectables. We used a playroom and lounge that the chef uses to entertain her kid that was located upstairs from the detached kitchen. It’s the epitome of torture to bring a pregnant woman and a tiny tot to a bakery in the morning while treats are emerging fresh from warm industrial ovens. It wasn’t so great for the other model either who is a dancer (and had to leave midday for an audition) but she seemed to have more willpower. As for the rest of us, the hair, makeup artist and I were ready to pillage and plunder. I made due with several cups of coffee, but I felt proud that I walked by cooling trays brimming with yumminess and I didn’t touch a thing.

The first photo in the spread below is my favorite because we finally let the little girl take a swipe of icing. She picked the treat she wanted from the bakery case and we told her to grab a bit on her finger. She was really shy even when her mother told her it was OK. Finally, she took a swipe, tasted it and began to squeal. That laugh is absolutely genuine.

And some behind-the-scene tidbits from the shoot include the fact that the little girl is wearing all of her own clothing, but we couldn’t show her feet because that day she insisted on wearing mismatched rain boots and nothing else. All righty.

The first notion for this shoot was to show a model pre-pregnancy and during to show off clothing that you can wear during the year it takes to gain and lose baby weight. But I didn’t want to show two women in the same outfit in three shots. One time was more than enough. I like the shots but I always wish we could do more standing because it shows off clothes better. I realize the crotchet sweater, silk top and snakeskin pants ensemble doesn’t look great but trust me, it’s a stylish look that drapes well and flatters … if only she were standing.

View the entire story here: Stretch Maternity Fashion Beyond Pregnancy.

Photos by Stephanie S. Cordle of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Maternity2013_1crop Maternity2013_2crop


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