The 2013 Fashion Turkeys

Every year for the past eight years, I’ve presented my take on the worst fashion of the year. Not the worst dressed, but trends, oddities and common items that just made me wonder aloud, “Why, dear Lord, why.” Fashion writing requires a lot of 10-must-buys, hot lists and new trends but other than red carpet snafus I felt that there wasn’t enough attention on what-not-to-wear. I didn’t actually expect the feature to be as popular or amusing as it is, but I’m thrilled. It finally gives me something to do with the unusable press releases on items I find not just dubious but misguided. So far, no one who manufactures something that I’ve labeled a turkey has called to protest. Maybe any press is good press, maybe they’re embarrassed or maybe no one noticed. Either way, let’s round up the turkeys.

Turkeys2013_1crop Turkeys2013_2crop

Take a look at the full-color gallery of turkeys here: 8th Annual Fashion Turkey Awards.



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