Best and least-best dressed at the Emmy’s


I love to hate award show red carpet duty. Let’s face, it’s nice work if you can get it but really who needs to hear another person yammering about who wore what best and faux-wondering real-snidely what was whomever thinking.

And there you have it: Debra Bass, reluctant red carpet critic, wades into the fray.

I hate best and worst, because even I have a conscience and sometimes I really, really don’t like what someone is wearing FOR ME, but I love it on them. Sometimes, I don’t particularly like it for them but I understand why they chose it.

Lena Dunham is someone whose style of dress I can’t defend but I get it. She’s that girl and she’s the ringleader of the I-don’t-give-a-flying-flip-what-you-think club. That’s why people like her so much, so I’m always shocked that they want her to change.


I mostly just ignore her and Helen Bonham Carter (not in a huffy, holier than thou sort of way), I mean, what’s the point of critiquing them. Although when I’m forced to pick a less than shining example they are my go-to girls, but I always explain that at least they are consistent.

I know, I know, we could say that everyone deserves the right not be criticized, but I’m clearly a hypocrite. I’m criticizing the ones who I think tried to please the masses and what kind of fairness is that. Anyway, I steer away from best and worst but in the past I’ve noted the most intriguing, or best dresses in green or red or whatever color was popular that year. I’ve also favored hits and misses to best and worst. Not sure why, but it feels softer and a little like I’m giving the credit for effort.

So below you’ll find this year’s noteworthy: (click to enlarge and then click again to magnify more)


65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - ArrivalsCheck out my full coverage here at Deb’s Style File, including  a gallery of all my best-dressed picks and all the ladies that looked granny. And yes, the copy desk made a mistake and pulled the wrong gown for Zooey Deschanel (at right is her actual gown for the 2013 Emmy Awards). Some lovely readers emailed and called to tell me I was an idiot. Well, I’ve surely done any number of idiotic things but no matter who was responsible for the wrong Deschanel photo, no one deserves to be insulted for it. Geez. Of course, I was working from home so I didn’t see the page before it went to press. But such is life. I think some people live to spot errors in the paper anyway, so this at least gives their lives meaning.

I’m always surprised that people are often surprised that writers don’t have total control over things just because their name is on it. I work in a very big building for a reason. It takes a village.


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