Best clothes for fall are cozy, comfy and tough



2013 Fall fashion at St. Louis Art MuseumI know the pendulum with eventually swing back to pastels and florals and breezy swingy dresses that threaten to go all Marilyn Monroe in the wind, but I am lovin’ the tough girl seasons.

Year-round leather is not my thing. It’s too humid here in the midwest for that not to be insane, but this fall, I’m all about the leather (real and faux), tops and bottoms, mixed media and solid. I actually pulled more leather for this shoot than we were able to use. And in my favorite shot of the yellow sweater against the “Homage to Squares” painting by Albers she is wearing a short flirty leather skirt, but you wouldn’t know it. She looked darn cute. You’ll have to trust me.

One of the pants is actually a leather-like waxed denim.

Anyway, this was one of the most fun shoots we’ve had in quite some time.

The photographer Erik Lunsford seemed particularly inspired by the setting, our city’s jewel the St. Louis Art Museum.

2013 Fall fashion at St. Louis Art Museum

We got to run around on the museum’s day off and take photos very close to the art pieces. I might have touched some things, but I’m not telling.

The models Tara (left) and Molly from West Model and Talent Management were great.┬áNeither of them had been to the museum before, but you’d of thought they were long time art aficionados the way they interacted with the pieces and made themselves worthy works of art.

I didn’t ask for a strong lip color although that’s technically “on trend”, but I really like the nudes for this because the models were so good at conveying an attitude on their own. Deep dark red would have punched up that ‘tude but I think it would have gone over the top, but I second-guessed myself all day.


See the full story on a single page and get up close and personal with the photographs here: Best of fall clothing…

Fall2013_1crop Fall2013_2crop


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