The Sweets of New York

Every time I travel for New York Fashion Week, I have to pitch a travel story. It’s as if fashion week isn’t quite enough to justify a hectic, stress-filled trip to New York. I mean it’s not like there’s as many spectators or as much press on hand as the Super Bowl or anything … oh wait. There is. But we fashion lovers are used to being marginalized. We are just oh-so-frivolous, wouldn’t it be so much more productive if we put knee pads on the models and had them running down the catwalk with balls and sticks or something.

Sports might be the most appreciated national pastime, but I think people watching and fashion watching are practiced by everyone. But I could spout my fashion Rodney Dangerfield routine for hours, I won’t. I’ll just explain that on my last trip to New York, I decided to finally address the dirty little secret of fashion week: the food.

Or rather the treats. Previously, I’ve written about the Hamptons, boutique hotels, shopping and transportation, but this time, I wanted to compose a walking guide to New York sweets that weren’t readily available anywhere else. People think everyone in fashion has some kind of eating disorder, but I’ve never eaten more than at fashion week. There trick is that people are very particular about what they put in their mouths.

And fashion writers are the worst. Fashion and food are a bit of a fetish. There’s something delectable about a gorgeous ensemble and there’s something stylishly decadent about a well-plated morsel of food.

NYCSweets_1 NYCSweets_2

Read the full story on a single page on Deb’s Style File: 13 New York shops to feed your sweet tooth.

“To truly enjoy the best tourist attractions in New York, you have to walk. Skip the taxis and subways, buses and pedicabs for an afternoon and wander. Not only will you have more time between destinations for people watching, you’ll work up even more of an appetite. New York is a paradise for anyone with a sweet tooth. Shops filled with delicious confections dot the city, and a few offer treats you won’t find anywhere else in the country. Here is a baker’s dozen of sweet spots worth seeking out. Visiting them on foot is the best way to ease your guilt for what’s to follow.”


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