St. Louis Fashion Originals wear personality

The city’s most stylish twins and the a few of the city’s fashion lovers were chosen for this spread because they usually make me smile on sight. I hate the idea of a best dressed because I don’t often think the best dressed people are the most interesting. Dressing well has many factors, but what I love is someone who wears clothing that “looks” like their personality. That might be tough or quirky or hip or classic or preppy or luxe, but it’s distinctive. That’s the point of celebrating style personas not just style.

You can dress well and look exactly like a store mannequin, sometimes that’s great and sometimes that’s too safe to be interesting. This is a group that’s anything but safe and I did not want to choose a bunch of 20-something hipsters so we have ages and styles all over the map.

STLOriginals2008_cover STLOriginals2008_1STLOriginals2008_3 STLOriginals2008_2STLOriginals2008_5STLOriginals2008_4STLOriginals2008_7 STLOriginals2008_6



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