5-minute makeup routine

5-minute-makeup-JoanSmallsI’m not really a makeup girl. I am a facial product girl and we are a different breed.

I want the kind of natural, dewy clear, glowing skin that can only come from slathering your face and décolletage with five products day and night. But because I’m “in” fashion, I get to play dress up for events on a regular basis and there’s nothing I hate more than a daytime casual look at an after-five gala. Special occasions should be special.

It doesn’t take a $10,000 gown and $1,200 shoes, but you should give it an extra 10 minutes of effort.

Dressing up changes your attitude. It lifts your confidence. It commands attention. It shows that you respect the situation … you respect the people around you … you respect yourself. Call me crazy but mom’s everywhere don’t harp on you to look your best and shine your shoes just because they like to nag. It’s valid. It matters. Style matters (that just happens to also be the name of my weekly column).


FiveMinuteMakeup2012Read “Perfect Morning Makeup in Under Five Minutes” on a single page here and FYI, it’s easy to adapt for nighttime with a slightly heavier hand.

Style doesn’t define you, but allows you to define yourself. And it doesn’t cost a lot to achieve.

It just takes a discerning eye and a little bit of attention. The video that accompanies this article is above. I show off my limited makeup skills and you’ll see how easy it is if you take a little time to get the right products and learn how to use them. The products are used for the column are a little pricey. I’ve used drug store makeup as well as high-end designer brands like Dolce & Gabbana and Tom Ford.

Yes, there’s a difference, but unless those high end brands are in your budget, no, it’s not worth the expense. For the most part, no one will notice but you. Pigment is always an issue, so take items for a test drive and see how they wear after a few hours. Then use them accordingly.


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