Top male model unabashed; me not so much

Brad Kroenig-1The interview for this column is one of my favorites.

It’s the day-to-day Midwest fashion editor story that people like to hear about at cocktail parties. Referred by his very proud Midwest mom, I placed a call to male supermodel Brad Kroenig to talk about his long career and the budding career of his son, who couldn’t even tie his own shoes when he started modeling in million dollar campaigns.

The experience was surreal to say the least.

I’ve talked to people under bizarre circumstances before: Isaac Mizrahi once freaked out on me backstage at his fashion show in New York but he forgot about it when I interviewed him in St. Louis for his opera theater directorial debut. Derek Blasberg and his billionairess friend Lauren Santo Domingo chatted with me from a gilded chaise lounge at a socialite’s cocktail party.

BradKroenig2012I’ve talked to supermodel Karlie Kloss a few times backstage at fashion week while she was being spritzed and sprayed. I like that better than talking to her on a New York street in winter as she handed out free cookies (I mean “kookies”) in the freezing weather.

Kimora Lee Simmons once kept me waiting quite a while and I actually saw an assistant enter her office working a lint brush over the outfit I later saw her wearing.

Rachel Zoe took one look at me and refused an interview (maybe it was my lack of jewelry). Anyway, the list goes on…


Brad was the first time I ever got to chat with someone while looking up naked photos of them.

Yep, it was a phone interview and I have never been so grateful that someone could not see my facial expressions. We Googled  him and discussed his career and well, it includes some artistic nudes. He starts talking about some of the nude shots and I’m actually still trying not to look as if he can see me. It was very disconcerting, but I’m so proud that I didn’t giggle and I don’t think my voice cracked … much. I think I got off the phone and updated my Facebook status with something like: Typical day at the office, chatting with one of the world’s top male models as we look at his nude portfolio. My friends almost unanimously declared: Best job ever!

It was a good day.

Read the full text of “Male Supermodel from St. Louis outlasts the competition” here.



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