Curly hair gadget conditions curls with stream

I’m always skeptical of anything labeled a gadget. I’ve seen one too many late night infomercials and so have you. So the first time I heard about this handheld hair steaming tool, I probably rolled my eyes. I get lots of press releases on lots of things and a good many are just so goofy that I usual tell them not to send a model for me to test. I don’t want the hassle of telling them that I didn’t like it, I was intrigued enough to give the Q-Redew a try. However, the name is not growing on me. Q-Redew sounds like a Saturday Night Live skit product. It sounds like the name you’d come up with if you were trying to come up with a goofy name for something, but what to I know. I was so inventive that I called this blog Debra D. Bass.


Anyway, I like the gadget because it’s makes sense. It makes a lot of sense. Even the inventor confessed that she was convinced that someone must have come up with it before.

Here’s the story:

In the wide, wide realm of beauty and hair gadgets, few truly celebrate girls with natural curls.

It’s all about managing, controlling, taming or exorcising curls. Curl-centric product lines are few; the vast majority of products aim to straighten hair. Until now, the curly girl had to rely on lots of product to smooth, shine and accentuate waves ranging from loose to kinky. But suddenly, there’s not just a new product, but a new concept in curls.

 Not mounds of goop, oil or a five-step shower process, just a little water.

 Steam, to be precise. Read Curly hair gadget uses steam to activate curls on a single page here or click image below.



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