Comfort is not the enemy: Walk tall, wear flats

Chanel+Spring+2011I joked that never have women been so offended by the liberty to comfortable. I was so excited that flats were being shown on the runways that I was giddy. All I could think was hells yeah, suck it stilettos. But I was a lone wolf fashionista embracing low-heeled shoes. I get it. Heels make me happy too. I like to see them in store, I marvel at them on other women’s feet, I want the pain tolerance it takes to wear the highest of the high, but alas I have too much damn common sense. I tortured my feet as a teen because I refused to buy the size 11s I needed and instead crammed my foot into the cute shoes they only made up to a size 10.

As an adult I wore my rightful size, most of the time, but I suffered for shoes. I did this gladly and proudly. I did it for the compliments. I did it because even at 5’10” tall, I love to tower at 6-feet-2-inches and saunter across a room. Four-inches is my max, but I’ve worn monster six-inchers with a two-inch platform. I was a giant and loved it.

At right a look from Chanel’s spring 2011 line toward the beginning of the trend. Karl Lagerfeld had models dresses in distressed luxe day wear and vaguely Gatsby-era cocktail attire all donning seemingly comfort focused “flatform” shoes.



Luckily, my posture is good, so being 5’10” with a half inch or so from a flat is just fine by me. But others with heights less generous, were not so ready to compromise. I wrote this because I wanted people to know that it was OK, would Karl Lagerfeld steer you wrong? Michael Kors? Donna Karan?

Read the full text of “Walking Tall in Flats” on a single page here.

The trend continues with menswear shoe influences and soft round toed variations on Mary Janes and ballet flats, but when every starlet on the red carpet is perched on artist footwear torture devices, everyone wants to follow suit.

I wonder if they are just a little more beautiful because they are often stunningly impractical. Part of the appeal must be the masochistic daredevil aspect, right.


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