Swimwear that’s not so itty bitty, still sexy

The shoot was all about the revival of swimwear that’s not the barely there variety. The retro influence in suits is a good thing. We don’t all look our best in next to nothing. A few extra inches can work wonders. And retro doesn’t mean everyone’s fully covered. We shot this at a friend’s home. The couple’s black bottom pool spoke volumes about causal old Hollywood luxe.

Swim wear SwimRetro2012_1 Swim wear SwimRetro2012

SwimRetro_hatMany people asked our model Jade, about the hat she’s wearing in the photo on the right. It’s one of the few things I’ve purchased while shopping for a shoot that I ended up using in the shoot. Many people offered to buy it, but it was too fabulous to surrender. I wore it to a Kentucky Derby party, but I can’t wait to take it for a spin this summer. It’s all drama.

Take a look at the full story on a single page by clicking here for Deb’s Style File.

Or read my column on jewelry designer Stephanie Anne Kantis, on the second page. She defied the odds and opened a successful business making children’s furniture and decided to gamble on high end fine jewelry.

This closing shot is my favorite image of the day by photographer Emily Rasinski. The proportions and lighting are really nice. What you don’t see is the length of hair extensions the hair dresser had to rig up to make her hair look so casually luxurious. This is the only shot with extensions. We needed a pool of hair to compliment the pool.

Swim wear


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