Will sweating with style give you a better workout? Probably

I got the idea for this shot because my sense of humor is a little warped. I wondered why people were walking around in professional cycling gear to cruise the park or investing hundreds of dollars in one outfit to do yoga once a week. But it turns out that dressing up to workout can (not will) improve your performance. Why? Because if you look more like a pro athlete, you act more like a professional athlete.

The model we used is actually a triathlete, I did a story about her new line of athletic wear that I’ll add below. She was great. The first shot looks intense because the “coach” we used, who is actually a part-time trainer is really screaming at her. He is yelling up a storm. I wanted a muscle guy with tattoos to balance out her mom look. He was great, but his legs were massive, even the extra larges were really tight because I got high end brands that tend to have slimmer fits. Lesson learned.Sweat2012_1


We had to teach the model to punch the bag for this one. She kept hopping as she punched, but I once took a boxing class with a former Navy Seal in Vegas (my hometown), so I taught her the proper pivot. She still got confused and the shot looks fine, but she’s pivoting with the wrong foot. The devil’s in the details. Workout fashion!

This shot below was much harder than it looked. She had to keep her arms raised and taunt for quite a while to get the lighting and details just right. That’s not as easy as it sounds. Rise your hands over head holding a couple of pounds and pull back slightly to mimic straightening the straps and see how long you last. We had a TRX trainer in the room with us, so that we could make it look more authentic. Workout fashion!

This next shot was not my favorite. I never really liked the shape of her body. I wanted her to look prettier, but we needed an action shot. This is not Photoshop. We can’t use it at the newspaper, so she is really hitting a ball. Just coincidence that it matches her outfit. We had to shoot this backwards. We are standing along the glass wall of the court, the wall with the door. If they were playing they would be facing the other direction.

We got hit a lot during this. I was helping by tossing and fetch balls. I was also shouting directions about how to move. Christian Gooden, our photographer, got hit more than I did. He told her to aim at him when she swung. So I did I best to run away from him after I tossed the ball. Workout fashion! Workout fashion!And this is the yelling shot. He’s saying, “Go, go, faster, faster, what’s wrong with you. Push, push, you’re almost there. Harder, go harder.” We told him to act like he was working her out for the Tour de France and we told her to look calm, determined but pissed off (as if she didn’t want him to see her sweat). She did pretty well, but after we finished, she admitted that if it went on much longer, she would have yelled back at him.

See the full story on a single page at Deb’s Style File by clicking here (or click the pages above to enlarge the text). 

Next is the profile on the model Andrea Robertson, who is not only a triathlete but a former Mrs. America. She collaborated with Laura Kathleen Planck, who appeared on “Project Runway” and “Project Runway All Stars” on some of her desiTriathlete2012

Triathlete2Read the full story of the beauty queen-triathlete turned fashion designer on a single page by clicking here.


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