Girl-on-the-run fall fashion

Fall2008_cover Fall2008_1a Fall2008_1 Fall2008_2 Fall2008_3 Fall2008_4The last shot is the only one I think of as awkward and I wish I hadn’t used that green cardigan. I love the one with model Ali Turner wearing the hat in the elevator. I snatched the hat from an intern helping us that day because it was the right hat and if you look closely on the wall, someone has scribbled the words “Welcome to hell” in thick marker. This must have happened years ago. We shot this is in the freight elevator stopped in the basement of our office building.

Ali is one of my favorite local models. And oddly enough four years after this shoot, she was our fall fashion model again this year for my story “Fall colors should be warm, rich and opulent.”  I’ll post the pages of that spread soon. Ali, who describes herself as a horse riding tomboy, was also a finalist for a spot on the Victoria’s Secret runway.


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