Size doesn’t matter to curvy model

Jennie-Runk-hm-2013In a world where fat is often demonized, even by the overweight, Jennie Runk of Chesterfield, enjoys an unusual perspective and a story that breaks many stereotypes.

She gained weight to become a fashion model and rests unapologetically near the top of the recommended body mass index for her height. She’s now in her early 20s and more popular than ever.

She also exercises daily and says that she’s healthier as a plus-sized model than she would have been as a typical college freshman on a high-carb, junk food diet.

Jennie Runk in Vogue, for weight0916.Handout photo

And now she’s the new face of H&M’s 2013 swimwear campaign. She’s wearing the same line being modeled by Beyonce! Jennie isn’t the plus-sized model for the line. She’s the model and that’s a giant step in the right direction. She’s a size 14 with a 31-inch waist and let’s face it, she looks pretty terrific.

UPDATE: I wrote about the new controversy and accolades for Jennie Runk in our June 9 edition. You can find it here — Plus-sized model from Missouri sparks an international debate, and read about how she’s using the attention as a podium to encourage women everywhere to “stop worrying about your thighs, there’s nothing wrong with them.”

Editor’s Note: My A-1 story on Jennie is posted below and further down the page you’ll find links to an accessible full-length version on a single-page. You can also click the pages below to magnify them if you’d like to peruse the actual newspaper version. 



Jennie Runk in Marie Claire, for weight0916.Handout photo

Read the full story on a single page of why size matters to Jennie Runk and how she feels healthier as a plus-sized model despite the misconceptions about her weight.

Finally, take a look at Jennie’s January 2013 video profile in Italian Vogue here. She’s a poet, who knew.


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