Don’t Pop the Bridal Bubble


We explored the “bridal bubble,” walking around in an untouchable cloud of pre-marital bliss, as a literal concept in this fanciful fashion shoot of wedding gowns.Bride Flying High

Bridal2013-1 Bridal2013-2

The continuation of the exotic honeymoon options story from the first page is continued here. I talk about locations from an Eat, Pray, Love type vacation in which I spent 28 days traveling from Lebanon to Morocco to the island of Sicily.


Or click on the full story, “The Boundless Joy of the Bubble Bride” on Deb’s Style File. Photography by Laurie Skrivan of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. To view the full honeymoon story, “Start Your Life Together with an Adventure” this is the link.

The two stories rank in many other publications. Here are some links.

Honeymoon story

The Sacramento Bee

The Detroit News

The Tribune in San Luis Obispo

The Sun Herald

Belleville News Democrat (Belleville, Ill.)


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